Friday, 12 October 2012

Welcome to Kerrie's Kreations


I'm Kerrie. Mother to the gorgeous one-year-old Sebastian, daughter, sister, friend, change consultant and general mischief maker. I enthusiastically appreciate a good Dad joke (aka Dud jokes in my family) and enjoy making people smile. I also love finding time to get lost in my latest Kreations!

I am a keen traveller and can't wait to share my passion with Sebastian. My obsession for Italy is a little confusing considering that I'm Australian and of Dutch heritage. The Italian passion for life, food and people is a major draw card and Italy is a magical place of contradictions. A little like me!  I also enjoy cruising with my family and am looking forward to our next trip!

I started my career as a management consultant after graduating from a Bachelor of Computing (majoring in software development). Yep, I had a propeller on my head and I loved it! I then focused on business analysis, project management and now spend time working in organisational change management. My favourite part of the job is coaching people on how to handle change and to see them take control back over their lives. People being happy makes me happy!

I have two creative sisters (I'll link to their work here later), a brother (mechanical whiz), a Dad (DYI king and brainiac) and a mother who is amazingly creative (and who'll paint anything that stands still long enough!). I guess there really was no chance that I would miss out on the passion too.

Kerrie's Kreations started with a Facebook photo album of some of the crafty things I enjoy making. I sew, I knit, I bake, I sing, I write and I cake decorate (amongst other things!) If I can't find inspiration on the Internet then I just create it myself and hope for the best. I spend a lot of time hoping! Lol.

My favourite craft is definitely icing modelling. My first wedding cake was made for a friend under the guidance of my mum who taught cake decorating for many years. Once I was finally ready to listen, she was more than happy to teach. She is so skilled, creative and knows so many tips and tricks!

I've also done a few other cakes, including Sebastian's christening cake and my cousin's engagement cake.

I decided to branch out into icing modelling for Sebastian's first birthday after I saw a tutorial on how to make a Winnie the Pooh. Half an hour of modelling and I was obsessed! Many mistakes have been made along the way (including toothpicks through the heads of finished products - oops!), but thankfully icing is reasonably forgiving.

So, I hope you enjoy my journey as I fumble my way through my latest Kreations. Thanks to all of those wonderful people who inspire me and share so generously. Thanks to my mum for her crafty goodness and thanks to my dad for his great eye for proportions and attention to detail. Not sure you both should have passed on the propensity to only deliver perfect products, but I guess I would never learn if I wasn't always striving to improve.


Some other creations:

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